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First of all, inform yourself of the many advantages and potential disadvantages of an open lab notebook.

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The lab wiki is at

Our non-wiki interface is here

Here is the translation:

wiki page html page

Our lab pages are designated merely by having a Prince: prefix in front of them.

To add a new page ("ANewPage" in these examples)

1. Add a wiki link in an existing article and click on it:


2. just type in the new page in your browser:
To use the lab template on the page, put this on the top line of the page you edit

Our template is at:

New to editing wikis? Here are the formatting rules!


  • Edit often See something out of place, fix it right then if you can!
  • Edit drastically Since a wiki is built up organically, re-factoring is frequently needed. Move pages around, delete sections, etc. We can always revert to old versions if it doesn't work out!
  • Nothing is off-limits Feel free to modify the template, the research statements, etc.
  • These are lab pages They are by lab members and for lab members (and everyone else)
  • Make it functional, then make it beautiful