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  • Is the FCKEditor good to go for all new users?
  • Reshma 10:55, 20 January 2008 (CST): Swapped out community portal button for blogs button since the Community Portal doesn't get used much.
  • approach for dealing with pseudoscience
  • Julius B. Lucks 12:06, 5 February 2008 (CST): recent OWW feedback comment about an OWW image repository - let's discuss this and decide how best to reply
  • OpenWetWare mirror : Interest in setting up a mysql "slave" running off site? PGP can host the mirror. --AWZ 07:34, 7 February 2008 (CST)
  • SC positions (jason)
    • Lorrie as secretary, coordinator by vote if necessary, other positions volunteer?
    • 'OWW Action Hour' next Thu 14th Feb at noon. Where everyone tried to complete their actions, build a real-time community once a week. --John Cumbers 10:37, 7 February 2008 (CST)
    • "Open Science Initative" what is Open science, guidelines and best practices to follow. OWW promoting the digital, open lab through software and hardware. --John Cumbers 10:37, 7 February 2008 (CST)


  • Using or Nature Proceedings to 'publish' content originally created on OWW. (Julius)
  • POWW
  • Making authorship on blogs more prominent - Reshma




  • Should we replace the community button on the main page with a button for blogs? (Reshma)
  • how should we make new user pages look? (this is part of the updated UMS)
  • RSS feeds in the wiki!
  • Software Features that would support the 3rd aim of our mission (integrating into existing scientific merit structure).
  • Online Lab notebook brainstorming


  • How to integrate blogs with wiki in future? (jason)
    • Should we advertise blogs to everyone who wants one now?
    • SC blog
  • Nature wiki-reviews
  • Lab notebook sub-group / new user page sub-group / etc... how do we want to organize to help bill with going after bigger features?
  • Wikiomics (sri)
    • Reshma 12:39, 6 September 2007 (EDT): There seems to be a lot of spam and a lot of registered spam accounts. We need to be careful regarding how we do the import to avoid both spam and spam accounts.
  • OWW User survey (lucks will do this this month - he promises!!!)


  • How to integrate blogs with wiki in future? (jason)
  • RSS feeds in wiki extension (ilya,mac,austin)
  • Addition to mission statement (reshma)
  • More thorough discussion of prioritized feature list from last time (all)



  • Decision about the front page links (jen)
  • Sub-committee on new account requests (jason)
  • Decision about usernames/real names for new users (austin)
  • What do people think of the new Protocols page? (reshma)
  • Language standard on OWW? (drew asked to SC list)
  • Would really like to have a blog -- should I do it on blogger? Is an OWW blog farm a bad idea? (discussion here).(jason)

5/2/07 Meeting

  • Using dynamic page lists and category tags to generate Materials and Protocols pages. See Escherichia coli for an example. (Reshma)
  • Usernames (Austin and Jason)
  • Steering committee discussions - on the wiki or email? Can we combine the best of both (archiving, accessibility and push)?. (Barry)
  • Implement new welcome email? (Reshma)
  • Alternative Welcome System and Home Pages: auto-generating content for new users to gently introduce them to OWW and promote good content structure habits. Following up from the discussion on the sc mailing list. Perhaps we should vote on how best to carry this out (i.e. do it all through the User page, create another 'homepage', project pages based off of this user-main page?) (Lucks and Vincent)
  • OWW member survey. (Lucks and Vincent)
  • Oww t-shirt status?
  • 2 people sharing each chair position being very productive (Julius)

4/4/07 Meeting

  • Reviews -- 1st review (in progress), 2nd review (proposed), please write one if you're so inclined. (jason)
  • pligg (john)
  • OpenWetWare:Software/Feature requests, OpenWetWare:Ideas, OpenWetWare:To do list - with full time employees coming online the SC needs to establish a way to create a prioritized feature list so they know what's most relevant to work on (jason)
  • Lucks 19:35, 1 April 2007 (EDT): Has anyone published a PLoS paper? On the publishing front, I think it would be very interesting to 'wikify' a PLoS paper. A link could be given to the main PLoS paper for a standard, citeable piece of work. The wikified version of the paper could contain additional links to more detailed investigations, etc.
  • Should the Help page feature more prominently on the front page? Or the getting started tutorial sufficient? (Reshma)
  • In what ways could scientific contributions (e.g. protocols, SOPs, etc) be specifically encouraged to be shared through OWW? Are there ways of creating strong incentives for scientist to contribute in this aspect, in addition to providing the benefits of a collaborative platform through the OWW wiki?--Ranta 10:23, 3 April 2007 (EDT)
    • I would like all information processing for Polony sequencing to be repeatable--potentially with different parameters--through Investigators who use the Freelogy LIMS--specifically for Polony sequencing--should be able to generate publication quality figures directly from the LIMS. One condition of using might be that all wet-protocols etc. *must* be published on OWW on publication. I'd love to talk more about how to make this work. --Await 08:08, 4 April 2007 (EDT)
  • tell your friends about OpenWetWare:Hiring (sri)

3/9/07 Meeting



  • OWW users to have access to other bio-wikis via OpenID (austin, sri)


  • Negotiate and maintain a list of journals that will accept a (versioned?) link to a wetware protocol in lieu of a methods section. (Peretz)
  • OpenWetWare:Reviews - should we solicit some curators?

News and highlights

  • News and Highlights: This section could be organized/formatted to make it simpler (and less intimidating) to add a news story or highlight and rotate older items to the appropriate archives section. It would be nice to implement things in a way that highlights can be easily swapped without disrupting the cool-looking layout of the main page, as well as making it clear and easy how to archive and acess highlights that have been replaced. (jen)
    • Video of the month


  • Mediawiki extension requests (R, syntax highlighting, etc.) How to deal with? (Austin)
  • Duplicate accounts (entries with the same email address): 153 instances as of 2007-02-27 (Ilya)
    • people forget their passwords and don't use the password reset feature?
    • people forget their usernames? then we need "recover username" feature
  • Many invalid or blank email addresses. Problems: password reminders bounce, hard to contact those users: impossible to send notification that account was created, etc. Should we have an automated mechanism to confirm that every new user has a valid email address? (Ilya)

Next meeting

  • Virtual SC meeting date/time, not constrained by room reserve so is there a better time? (Jason)

2/16/07 Meeting

  • Update on the private subwiki trial (jason)
  • Page tagging/categorization (Vincent)
  • Discussion: Do we want to open the private wiki program up more broadly?
    • I may have inadvertently brought up this topic? I'd love to call in. --Await 19:04, 13 February 2007 (EST)
      • We're going to try the MIT system this time to see if it works better, the number is: 617-452-5196
  • Discussion: Do we want to create more defined positions on the SC?
  • Bookmarklets (Cumbers)
  • MIT portal improvement as an example institute level community (jason)
  •, how to promote it, OWW as a server of ID's? (John)
  • publishing group - whatever happened to it, ideas for the future (John)
  • Highlights - whatever happened to them either (John)
    • What happened w technical writing class for writers?
  • OWW 'board' with legal decision making capabilities. (jason)

12/14/06 Meeting

  • Results from the hiring options meeting. (jason)
  • Meeting with Scilink (sri, brian)
  • Subwikis (austin)
  • iGEM 2007 on OWW (jason)
    • 1400 participants, some special requests
  • OWW Services page (jenny)
  • OWW Categories

11/9/06 Meeting

  • Multiple licensing options when uploading content. (Reshma? noticed you mentioned this.)
  • Nature methods submission / consensus protocols (James)
    • Should we write a longer article about the entirety of OWW as well?
      • Would be good for advertising, but also to provide substrate to our supporters out there - from maureen: "I'm not available for the meeting today but am following the discussion and will look at the meeting notes. Nice idea about the article. I'm trying hard to get the FA community on the wiki. Many are interested but just don't seem to understand it or how it could benefit them. This article will help."
  • OWW Concept paper for seeking finding - e.g. science commons concept paper
  • DOI server - might be nice to be able to have people be able to request a DOI for a particular page that they want to reference in a paper, submit to some sort of PLoS One type repository, etc. We wouldn't need to have a DOI for every edit, but give users the option... this falls in the general category of making OWW more citable, and thus provide more avenues for garnering merit for contributing. (Jason)

10/12/06 Meeting

  • Jasonk 11:35, 13 September 2006 (EDT): Official sysop policy?
  • Jasonk 11:52, 23 September 2006 (EDT): Remove the calendar from the sidebar.
  • Jasonk 09:44, 6 October 2006 (EDT): NIH $ and hiring.
  • Update on Rackspace move (Ilya)
  • reddit/ voting of cool pages (John c)
  • highlights (John c)
  • BioSysBio and using the wiki for abstract submissions (John C)
  • Postgenomic (Jasonk)
    • Good opportunity here, anyone interested in thinking more about how to best do it?

9/14/06 Meeting

  • Jasonk 17:23, 4 September 2006 (EDT): Make it easy to make an OWW page compliant with postgenomic so it can get aggregated there.
  • Jasonk 17:28, 4 September 2006 (EDT): Statistics and survey guru. Might want to have someone who keeps an eye on trends on the site. this could range from surveys of people are using the site as was suggested previously, to looking over site analytics (which will come with new hosting service), or to just tracking site statistics (number of users, number of labs, etc). This sort of information could help the SC make more informed decisions.
  • Reshma 10:12, 5 September 2006 (EDT): I've been trying to work on a tutorial on how to host courses on OWW. Feedback/help welcome.
  • Jasonk 07:59, 7 September 2006 (EDT): Should we have an officially sanctioned forum area? Could be a stopgap until the "liquid threads" or whatever gets included in mediawiki...
    • Reshma 08:27, 7 September 2006 (EDT): There's Questions and Answers for research-questions and the Community portal for OpenWetWare questions. Do we need more than that?
    • Jasonk 08:56, 7 September 2006 (EDT): Well, this isn't a new topic or anything, but the having discussions is facilitated by threads (and stuff like 'post reply' button, etc). If we think the Mediawiki implementation is going to take to too long, we may consider getting some forum software to run on the site (it wouldn't have to perfectly integrate with the wiki for the short term) - i think hacing a "latest forum discussions" box similar to the one on the front page of protocols online would help OWW be a place to post your general biology questions. It's a good question why a Q&A section hasn't taken off on OWW, it may just be the community is too small, or it could be that the technical hurdles are too high.
  • Jasonk 08:59, 7 September 2006 (EDT):Firm up short term (6 month) SC goals
  • Jasonk 10:31, 10 September 2006 (EDT):SciFoo report