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Guidelines for approving account

  1. Full name / email is required
  2. Biology / Biological Engineering interest is required
  3. Academic / Industrial affiliation
  4. If not affiliated, why you want to join is used to evaluate the account request.

Denied account requests

This page serves as a placeholder for explanations as to why a handful of account requests have been denied. We are trying to make the account policy as transparent as possible.

Account request to advertise commercial products

  • Currently, advertising of commercial products on OpenWetWare is strongly discouraged. Therefore, account requests for the purpose of product advertising are denied.

Account request to view the site or the site source code

  • An account is not needed to view or browse OpenWetWare, only to edit. Therefore, account requests for the purpose of viewing the site are unnecessary. Source code is already available without a login (see OpenWetWare:View source for details).

Account request with insufficient information

  • We request a small amount of information (full name, affiliation, reason for joining, and valid email) - account requests where all this information is not provided are denied.

One person per account and one account per person

  • No duplicate accounts are allowed. Lab members should sign up individually rather than with a group account.