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OWW Outreach Documentation

Existing Materials

Please put links to existing OWW materials that will help us with the creation of the outreach documents.

Exisiting OWW PR Documents

OWW Good content to advertise

Facts about OWW

  • gathering on one page some important statistics and some fun ones:
    • nb users, nb labs, nb countries, ...
    • nb visits per day, most watched page, least watch page ...
    • (random thought) stories about what OWW has enabled....

Wiki tour of OWW

OWW presentation

  • same as above except that it should be a PowerPoint file

OWW video

  • short video clip (1-2min) presenting what is OWW and why people should join.

OWW flyer

  • pdf flyer that could be sent to local officers/labs. So they can put it on campus/labs.

OWW Testimonials