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The goal of the OWW outreach chairs is to put a face to OWW and recruit new users that will both benefit from, and generate the growing content that is OWW. The main idea behind OWW's outreach effort is that the best way to convince people to join and participate is with face time. To that end, the outreach effort is structured in a regional fashion with outreach chairs in charge of broad academic areas around the globe. Outreach chairs are in charge of recruiting outreach officers who are more region specific. We hope that we can increase the participation in OWW by eventually having an OWW outreach officer for each academic institution who is in charge of spreading the word.

To assist these outreach officers, the outreach chairs are in charge of preparing materials that highlight the structure of oww and what benefits it provides to the community. These materials will eventually consist of general advertising posters and emails, online wiki tours of OWW, tutorial introductions into what the site can provide, a presentation that anyone can download to give to their lab group, screencasts and many more materials to come. Anyone can use these materials, and we hope that local outreach officers will be able to use them to introduce people to OWW, and convince them that OWW is the best way to do science!

Please Help!

If you know of any good OWW materials (News, highlights, existing presintations, flyers, etc.) that will help us create our outreach documents, please list them under the existing OWW materials below.

Who We Are

See the list of Outreach Officers.

Current Action List

  • Follow up with Nature Proceedings to see which publishers allow publication of articles posted on pre-print servers
  • Email SC
    • Welcome email content - if good, then roll out
    • publishing use cases - who is interested in publishing oww pages - what content - goal is to walk someone through publishing on the arXiv
    • hosting code repository ideas
  • Email Bill
    • survey banner
  • Check out the survey results
  • What is the status on having pages of where users are located (by region, university, google maps, etc.)
  • more HOWTO entries - Help:HOWTO
    • (HOWTO entries are something that Bill and Mac and I were working on - trying to get a better handle on the OWW documentation. They are organized by topic, and are supposed to be tutorial-like with text and screencasts.)
    • see the list of topics to be filled in on the talk page
    • work on how to do screencasts for these
  • we have to figure out how to organize the outreach chairs!!!!

Current SC Report

See Past SC Reports