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Please write a testimonial about OpenWetWare and how it has been useful in your research, course or work. This is useful in attracting new users and sponsors for the site.

"When I started on OWW I mainly wanted a private wiki but because that option wasn’t around at the time, I started using the public wiki first. I’m glad it happened that way because If I’d had immediate access to the private wiki I might have just kept to myself and lurked around in my own world. Now I understand more about what OWW is about and I’ve become a believer. I find that I want to have as much as possible on the public wiki. For some new lab projects we are just posting everything in the open."

From Maureen Hoatlin, Assistant Professor, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Oregon Health & Science University

"Our OpenWetWare lab wiki has really helped us communicate, both within the group and beyond. From the mundane (printer IP addresses) to the downright frivolous (beer sessions), it has been indispensible."

From Bob MacCallum, Imperial College London

"I suspect I'm an atypical user of OWW, relying on it first and mostly to run my undergraduate teaching labs, BE.109 and 20.109, at MIT. The collaborative environment is a powerful pedagogical tool, requiring my students become responsible contributors to the subject. The wiki has also been unspeakably useful in developing curricula with my fellow teaching faculty and teaching assistants. Finally, with all the course material public, researchers and teachers around the world have stumbled into the site and have subsequently contacted me to discuss implemented parts of the curriculum in other settings. Other electronic teaching platforms exist, but none is so collaborative and open. Finally I'll add that having gotten into the habit of working on OWW, I find my new teaching and research projects automatically start as OWW working pages."

From Natalie Kuldell, Department of Biological Engineering, MIT

"A casual browsing led me to some new ideas and good/working protocols from OWW. This prompted me to join OWW hoping to contribute something back to the community, especially to the Protocols section."

From Vijayaraj Nagarajan, The University of Southern Mississippi