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Software Milestones for for November, 2007

Committed Priority Items (ordered list)

  • Lab Notebook Investigation
  • Demo Word/Excel on Beta
    • deploy for test on
    • break out both Excel and Word options
    • Details: Word Import
  • Add Header To Selected Web Pages for Analytics
  • Deploy Semantic MediaWiki on Beta
    • evaluation for use as a general ontology aggregation component
    • initially focus on Lab Notebook and Institute/Lab/Member relationships
    • Details: Semantic MediaWiki
  • Disable extra RSS extensions
  • Fix user count bug
    • discrepancy with internal user count and UMS user/db count
    • fix is on production server
    • Details: User count bug
  • MediaWiki 1.11
    • deploy on beta this month
    • deploy on oww as time permits
    • Details: MediaWiki 1.11

Research Items (ordered list)

  • Auto Parsing of text to links
    • can we generally parse user content to connect entries to current OWW pages?
    • potentially extend current "magic Link" parsing
    • Details: Parsing-Tagging Content
    • initially evaluate the FCKEditor/Mediawiki extension
    • Details: WYSIWYG Editing

Other items

  • MySQL only supports > 3 character searches
    • MySQL requires a mod in the database to support 3 character searches.
    • search limit currently set to 4 (default)
    • using standard procedure to modify database to support 3 character searches
    • Details: MySQL 3 Character Searches

  • Completed (or research milestone met) items are in Blue* *
  • Not Completed (or research in progress/milestone not yet met) items are in Red