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Word Import

Convert Doc format to html

  • abiword (open source word processor) has a full set of file inport/export conversion capabilities. The program also has an onterface that allows for invocation from other applications.
    • Conversion of word to html works extremely well
      • Imapes are preserved
      • All paragraphs/ sections are preserved
    • Works with RHEL 4/5
    • Much smaller than OpenOffice (<5 mb total disk space)
      • Will install abiword on beta for testing

Convert HTML to MediaWiki

  • CPAN Perl library provides for HTML-MediaWiki conversion
    • CPAN needs to be installed on the server
      • will install CPAN on beta for testing

Import mediawiki test into wiki page

  • Option: Add to editor as a new button
  • Option: Add to the left margin as a 'toolbox' option


  1. how to do the import
  2. possible use of OpenOffice for conversion
  3. support for importing other file formats in the same module such as excel, latex, rtf

Bill Flanagan 11:16, 5 October 2007 (EDT)Update

  1. Conversion from Word to HTML is working.
  2. Conversion from HTML to Mediawki text is working
  3. Will put onto a page for all to comment upon

Bill Flanagan 17:13, 9 October 2007 (CDT) Update

  • No work on this item over the last few days because of server upgrade
  • Will post status when I try out the version I put together last week