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Site stats are maintained in a table, "site_stats".

The value of site_stats currently (11/16/2007 4:21) is 3360 <correction: 3370 was the number. I checked the console log>

Running a select command on the user table indicates the count is 3444.

site_stats.ss_users is updated by an instantce of the SiteStatsUpdate class as follows:

$ssu - new SiteStatsUpdate( 0, 0, 0, 0, 1 );


The bit array corresponds to the following: $views; $edits; $good; $pages; $users;

The only call that invokes SiteStatsUpdate is SpecialUserlogin.php when a new user is created.

Since UMS does not use SpecialUserlogin.php to create users, the number may not be getting incremented correctly.

I added a call to SiteStatsUpdate for a new user from UMS. Upon rechecking the database after several more users were added, the numbers were as follows:

Database: ss_users = 3371 Rows in user table = 3445

This would indicate my assumption is wrong. One new row added to the table added 11 to the site_stats.ss_users column.

Based upon rechecking the value of ss_users (3370), the mod to update the user count was correct.

I'm going to also reset the value of ss_users to the current row count of the user table (3445).

I'll recheck the count in a few days to see if it's still correct.



1. code: ums module um_mediawiki was updated to include the call to update site stats via SiteStatsUpdate(0,0,0,0,1); 2. database: site_stats table (only one record present) ss_user updated from 3371 to 3445.