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Content Page Header

The header is to be displayed when specific pages or pages from specifis namespaces are displayed.


wjf 10:33, 19 November 2007 (CST) Ready to be enabled

Content of the header

Julius has provided the notice:

From: Julius B. Luck's Talk Page


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Extension to Display Header

The extension to display a header uses the following:

The extension is currently loaded on OWW. It works as follows:

  • If a specific header is available for a page to be displayed, it will use it.
  • If no page header is present, the extensions checks for a global header for all pages within a namespace.
  • I've also changed the code to only display a single header.
  • If no header is displayed for other pages.
  • I've disabled display of footers, also supported, in the extension.

Configuring Notices

To enable the extension, an entry is created for each page or namespace.

The namespace is identified via the MediaWiki numerical constant for it (see the table below for details):

Namespace Name/Numbers

To use this function with other namespaces, the following is the list

Name Number
Main (default namespace) 0
Talk 1
User 2
User talk 3
Image 6
Image talk 7
MediaWiki 8
MediaWiki talk 9
Template 10
Template talk 11
Help 12
Help talk 13
Category 14
Category talk 15
Portal (OpenWetWare) 100
Portal talk (OpenWetWare Talk) 101


See the following extension: OpenWetWare:Software/Extensions/HeaderFooter