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Individuals who will be doing benchwork in the laboratory must complete the following safety training.

Before Starting Bench Work

The following requirements must be completed before any new member can begin bench work. Please note that some aspects of this training can be completed before your arrival in lab.

  1. Lab Specific Chemical Hygiene Training
  2. Complete Training Needs Assessment (requires MIT certificate)
  3. General Chemical Hygiene Training (online)
  4. Managing Hazardous Waste Training (online)
  5. Read Biology Department Safety Plan and complete internal questionnaire
  6. Read Chemical Hygiene Plan

After completing these requirements, see the lab Safety Officer (Heather) in order to sign a Compliance Form.

Additional Requirements

  • All individuals planning to do lab work also need to complete the General Biosafety for Researchers course in a timely fashion. However, this does not need to be completed prior to beginning lab work.
  • (optional) Anyone who will be using radioactivity in their experiments must first complete the Radiation Training course. This training is not required unless you are using radioactivity.

Renewing Your Training

The following must be completed annually:

  1. Managing Hazardous Waste
  2. Lab Specific Chemical Hygiene Training

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