General Chemical Hygiene

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Note About the Online Training System

The online training modules are designed so that they can be completed in multiple sittings. If you stop in the middle of the training, next time you log into the system, it should remember where you left off and bring you directly to that page.

General Chemical Hygiene (Course EHS0100w)

  • This training consists of 9 sections, 6 of which have quizes afterwards.
    • You must get 80% correct in order to pass each quiz and proceed to the next section.
    • If you do not pass, go back to find the correct answer and retake the quiz.
    • You can retake each quiz as many times as you like.
  • You are only required to complete this course once during your MIT tenure.
  • You can re-enter this training to access the material presented at any point after completing the module.

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How to Access Course EHS0100w

Note that in order to take online courses you must have an MIT Certificate and have previously completed the Training Needs Assessment.

Access courses as follows:

  1. Go to the MIT EHS Training Homepage
  2. Select I need to complete the Training Needs Assessment. and hit Submit.
  3. Select the purple tab in the middle of the page labeled Go to Web Class.
  4. Select Chemical Hygiene Training to begin training.

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Fulfilling the Requirement

Make sure you hit the end button when you are finished with the module so that the system registers you have completed the training. You should receive e-mail confirmation if you properly complete the module.

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