Chemical Hygiene Plan

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About the Requirement

  • To fulfill this requirement you must read the entire Chemical Hygiene Plan for your appropriate department (e.g. Biology or CSAIL).
  • You do not need to memorize the information within this document, but you do need to read it and familiarize yourself enough with the contents so that you would be able to easily look up information if ever needed.

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Where to get the Document

Biology Chemical Hygiene Plan

Electronic copies are available at: or from the following link File:CHP 1-25-06.pdf

A paper copy can be obtained from either:

  • The lab Safety Officer (Heather) in 68-564D
  • The Biology Headquarters in 68-132, just ask for the document by name at the front desk.

CSAIL Chemical Hygiene Plan

The CSAIL Chemical Hygiene Plan is available at online and also in the hallway of 32-311. To make changes to the document, contact Austin Che or edit the wiki.

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