Radiation Training

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Radiation Safety Training

This is a classroom based training, that will serve as a general introduction to working with radiation. The course is approximately 3 hours and is taught approximately every week and a half. This training in mandatory before you can begin any work involving radiation.

Note that to register for this class you must have an MIT Certificate and have previously completed the Training Needs Assessment.

Register as follows:

  1. Go to the MIT EHS Training Homepage
  2. Select I need to complete the Training Needs Assessment. and hit Submit.
  3. Select the purple tab in the middle of the page labeled Register for Classroom Training.
  4. Follow prompts to register for Course EHS0301c-A - Radiation Safety: Laboratory, which is found under the following:
    • Environment Health and Safety > Radiation Safety > EHS0260c-A: General Biosafety for Researchers