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Master‘s Degree in Biotechnology Innovation and Regulatory Science (BIRS)
(Graduate Program at Purdue University)

U.S. students must meet the following admission requirements for the Master's Degree in Biotechnology Innovation and Regulatory Science (BIRS):

Applications must be received by the Purdue University Graduate School by:

  • July 15 for admission to the Fall semester
  • November 1 for admission to the Spring semester
  • April 1 for admission to the Summer semester

To request more information or have questions, please contact:

  • Sr. Zita Ekeocha, IPTU, Kilimanjaro School of Pharmacy, <a href=""></a> OR
  • Mary Speer, Purdue University College of Technology, RQC Graduate Program Coordinator, <a href=""></a>.

<? /*<a href="">Apply online</a>*/?>Apply online to the <a href="">Purdue University Graduate School</a>.</strong>

Tuition and Fees

It is recommended that employed individuals interested in this BIRS Master‘s degree should first discuss program parricipation with their supervisor.

For the U.S. program, tuition and fees are $1,100 per credit hour. This includes costs for Friday dinner, Saturday & Sunday breakfast and lunch and books. Tuition and fees must be paid prior to the beginning of each academic semester. Students will be responsible for their housing. For students attending classes in West Lafayette, a hotel room block will be arranged by ProStar or the BIRS Graduate Coordinator, and hotel information will be sent upon enrollment. Students are welcome to utilize the room block or find other accommodations.

Students in the U.S. might be eligible for financial aid and should contact the Purdue University <a href="">Division of Financial Aid</a>. Students might also be eligible for tuition reimbursement if certain conditions are met within their company. For additional information about tuition reimbursement, individuals should contact their organization’s Educational Assistance Plan Administrator.

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