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Industrial and Physical Pharmacy Services Laboratory, Purdue University

Introduction: Utilizing Purdue’s world-class capabilities in solid state chemistry, manufacturing, PAT, regulatory, and pharmaceutical analysis, as well as Purdue’s linkages to specialized contract facilities such as Argonne National Laboratory, the Industrial & Physical Pharmacy Services Laboratory provides a range of services and capabilities at academic prices.

Operators: Stephen R. Byrn, Ph.D., and Daniel T. Smith, Ph.D.


    Solid state chemistry
    Formulation design, product design, process design, Quality by Design, Development Report, small scale exploration
    Molecular basis of manufacturing
    Spray drying, small scale
    Granulation, small scale
    Tablets and capsules, small scale
    X-ray powder diffraction with link to Argonne National Laboratories advanced instruments including PDF & levitated drop
    Dissolution and dissolution-based formulation design
    Evaluation of polymorph changes during manufacturing
    Expert interpretation of data
    Regulatory issues related to development and manufacturing

Purpose: Provide expert interpretation of data and support graduate students and technicians.

Costs: Protocols and cost estimates are provided for each project. Cost is typically $1,000 per half day of work (4 hours). Invoices provided.

Contact: Stephen R. Byrn, Ph.D., 765-714-2808

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