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Byrn Lab - May 2015
(l to r): Curtis Hajec, Ruba Alajlouni, Dr. Daniel Smith,
Dr. Stephen Byrn, Haichen Nie, Yang Song

Research Scientists and Technicians
Dr. Daniel T. Smith, Senior Research Scientist

Graduate Students
Haichen Nie
Yang Song
Ruba Alajlouni, RQC Graduate Student

Undergraduate Students
Curtis Hajec

Former Group Members

Summer Manufacturing Course 2015
Front Row (l to r):Monika Lavan (TA), Shefali Patel, Lingfei Zeng, Gabrielle Jones, Amanda Kaminski, Katie Gray,
Dr. Stephen Byrn

Back Row (l to r):Chris Kulczar (TA), Daniel Cramer, Bernadette Lundeen, Eric Kou, Jun Xu, Angie Marik,
Jordan Elder, Ben Smith

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