Mimulus Species

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This page contains description of various species in the Mimulus genus. It also includes GPS locations of populations and papers published on each species.

Mimulus guttatus Complex

The Mimulus guttatus species complex (yellow monkey flowers) is a group of closely related species exhibiting the common evolutionary transition from outcrossing to self-pollination. Mimulus presents an excellent model system for studies of evolution because of its broad diversity of floral morphologies, incomplete reproductive barriers, and its amenability to experimental manipulation.

Mimulus lewisii Complex

Mimulus section Erythranthe is a western North American group of perennial wildflowers with a wide diversity of floral forms. Included within this section are the bee-pollinated M. lewisii and the hummingbird-pollinated M. cardinalis. This system has a long history of study (1), and continues to be the subject of active research in systematics (2) and the genetics and ecology of speciation (3-5). Another close relative of M. lewisii is the lesser-studied M. parishii, which is a small-flowered, highly selfing species of the desert Southwest. The diversity of pollination syndrome, mating system, and habitat preference found within this section makes it a uniquely amenable model system for studies in ecology, genetics, and evolutionary biology of natural populations.

Mimulus guttatus species complex

Flower size diversity in the Mimulus guttatus species complex