Mimulus longulus

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Species description

  • Annual glabrescent or glabrous herb, the stem erect or ascending, 0.5-3 dm. tall, simple or slightly branched. Leaf-blades ovate to oval or orbicular, denticulate to enarly entire, palmately 3-5 veined, 0.7-1.5 cm. long, the lower on petioles shorter than blades, the upper rounded to sessile bases; pedicels becoming 5-20 mm. long sparsely glandular-puberulent to pubescent with glandless hairs; calyx becoming 7-9 mm. long, strongly plicate-angled, its lobes acute, the lower shorter, the lowest pair upcurving toward the uppermost lobe which is about 1.5 mm. long; corolla 5-10 mm. long, yellow, its throat ventrally pubescent and slightly brown-spotted, the feely developed palate not closing the orifice; anthers glabrous; capsule 4 mm. long, not dehiscing through septum-apex.

Location of Mimulus longulus populations

Mimulus longulus publications