Mimulus micranthus

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Species description

  • Stems glabrous, weak, 3-6 dm. long; lower leaves long-petioled, lyrate, 6-8 cm. long, upper leaves thin, sessile, broadly orbicular, floral leaves densely white-villous on the lower surface; flowers in a short raceme, pedicels usually more than twice as long as the calyx, slender; calyx puberulent, more or less tinged and spotted with red, 8-11 mm. long in fruit, upper tooth not always 3 times as long as the others, throat sometimes slightly constricted; corolla 8-13 mm. long, less than twice the length of the calyx.

Reference: Grant 1924

Location of Mimulus micranthus populations

Mimulus micranthus publications

Mimulus micranthus
Mimulus micranthus