Mimulus nasutus

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Species description

  • Annual herb, finely pubescent to glabrate, the stems erect or nearly so, 1-10 dm. tall. Leaf-blades orbicular-ovate, irregularly and often saliently dentate to proximally dentate-lobed, palmately veined, the lower 0.5-7 cm. long, rounded or cordate to petioles, the upper much smaller; pedicels 5-35 mm. long, glandular-pubescent near base on upper side, elsewhere glabrous or finely pubescent; calyx becoming 10-20 mm. long, strongly plicate-angled, usually dark-dotted, its lobes very acute, the lower shorter and the lowest eventually upcurved about 90 degrees so as to close against the lance-attenuate uppermost lobe which is 3-7 mm. long; corolla 13-30 mm. long, yellow, the throat ventrally with 2 rounded upraised hairy ridges that unite distally to form a prominent palate that closes the orifice, this ventral side deeper yellow, with small brown spots and usually with a largemaroon blotch on base of lowermost corolla-lobe, lower lip with deflexed-spreading lboes, upper lip shorter and ascending; anthers glabrous. Stigmas fimbriolate; capsule 5-10 mm. long, not dehiscing through septum-apex.

Reference: Abrams and Furris

Location of Mimulus nasutus populations

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