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We decided at the first McClean Lab group meeting (8/20/2015) that everyone will be responsible for washing glassware one day a week. This means that once a week you will 1) unload the dry glassware from the drying rack and prepare it for the autoclave (put in autoclave trays, put autoclave tape on top, put spatulas and stir bars into metal trays, etc) 2) wash enough glassware to refill the drying rack and 3) autoclave the clean glassware when the two autoclave trays are full.

Please sign up for your chosen day below. If you can't make your day on a given week (midterms, absence, etc) it is YOUR responsibility to negotiate with another lab member to trade.

  • Monday: My An-adirekkun
  • Tuesday: Cameron Stewart
  • Wednesday:Stephanie Geller
  • Thursday: Kieran Sweeney
  • Friday: Taylor Scott
  • Saturday/Sunday: Megan

Please be considerate of your fellow lab mates. Rinse all glassware before placing it on the glassware cart to be cleaned. If you use more than a normal amount of glassware (running an experiment with many test tubes, etc) then please wash your own glassware for that experiment.

It is incredibly important that everyone wash glassware thoroughly or detergent residue and other impurities will kill our cells and destroy experiments. Please make sure to follow the glassware protocol: Glassware Protocol

Common Supplies


For roughly one week every 6 weeks you will be responsible for making sure that common supplies are stocked. The supplies that you need to make sure are stocked are the following:

  • Cameron will take the week of Sept 7th-11th
  • Steph will take the week of Sept 13th
  • Kieran will take the week of Sept 20th
  • Stephanie will take the week of Sept 28th

All of these supplies are kept stocked above the sink in room 3005A. Check them each week and make anything that we are running low on (say, less than two remaining bottles)

You need to make absolutely sure that you label and date everything you make so that we can identify who make what later if there are any problems. Follow the protocols. If you don't know how to make something, ask!