Kristoffer Chin: Week 12

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Normalize Log Ratios

  • The original data sheet did not contain the correct amount of names. We had too look at array express and the different excel sheets to find the correct names
  • After matching the names, the data from each of the different microarray subject was averaged using the excel formulas.
  • The standard deviation was then found on the data as well
  • New columns are then made with the same name of the subject along with scaled centered and is given data using the excel formulas

Statistical Analysis of Ratios

  • The LOG average was found between TC and AT. These 2 subjects were averaged out and a .txt and xls. was made for GenMAPP and to refer to.

GenMAPP txt file GenMAPP xls file

Sanity Check

  • 1711 genes were found to be <.05
  • 326 genes were found to be <.01
  • 34 genes were found to be <.001
  • 0 genes were found to be <.0001
  • 549 genes that are greater than 0 in Log Avg
  • 1162 genes that are less than 0 in the Log Avg
  • 1162 genes that are greater that 0.25 or less than 0.25 in the Log Avg.

BIOL398-01: Bioinformatics Lab

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