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Knight Lab

A list of various items that might be useful while working with RNA.

The sterile hood in 306 is dedicated to RNA work.

  1. RNaseZap (Ambion)
  2. RNaseZap wipes (Ambion)
  3. DMPC (less carcinogenic than DEPC)
  4. RNaseAlert Kit (Ambion)
  5. RNase free water
    • The DI water may be sufficiently free of RNases
  6. 3% Hydrogen peroxide
  7. Oven for baking glassware
    • Note that caps can be heated only to 140°C but removal of RNAases requires 180°C
  8. Decontaminated electrophoresis apparatus and power supply
  9. RNA ladder
  10. SYBR Gold
    • Sensitive nucleic acid stain.
  11. RNase free 10X TBE buffer
    • For native gels
  12. Glyoxal and formamide
    • For denaturing gels
  13. RNase free tips and tubes
  14. RNase free DNase I (We have Deoxyribonuclease I from bovine pancreas. Is this good enough for RNA work? Stored at -20°C in the large freezer on the door shelf.)