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Super Parts Not applicable
Actual Part J37036 part.png
Sub Parts Prey Molecule Generator Predator Molecule Generator

Ligation strategy

Quality control


  • The oscillator will be tested in a chemostat. This equipment works to:
  • Keep the cells in the exponential growth phase
  • Keep cell populations constant, ensuring stable oscillations and a high signal to noise ratio
  • Vary amplitude and frequency of oscillations by controlling wash-out by the chemostat

WetLab work entries

  • The prey has been constructed and tested but is waiting parameter extraction.
  • The predator construct has not been ligated.
  • Issues included non-functional registry parts such as the registry Aiia and B0015 stop codon.
  • We found a new source of AiiA and created J37023 which is a LVA and Flag tagged Aiia gene.

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