Endy:2005 Summer Retreat

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Ilya's Pictures

Heather's Pictures <--dead link

Austin's Pictures

Getting There

Directions to Bird Bath

Retreat Transportation

July 22-23 are the dates. Set your plans. Note that my mother will be there this year!

Save the date: July 22nd - 23rd

We decided in lab meetings, with no further objections, that this was the date that most people could make it.

We should begin planning stuff soon. The best thing to begin doing is practicing some of the BBQ recipes

Here is the current listing of those who can/can't/may make it.

Probably could make it

  1. Jason Kelly
  2. Caitlin Conboy (not ideal, but feasible)
  3. Barry Canton
  4. Francois St. Pierre
  5. Samantha Sutton (I have another outing in the works that may fall either on June 16-17 or June 23-24... will hopefully know soon. Involves scantly clad hunks so would hate to miss it.)
  6. Sriram Kosuri
  7. Jennifer Braff
  8. Heather Keller
  9. Ty Thomson
  10. Ilya Sytchev
  11. Jessica Harpole
  12. Josh Michener
  13. Drew Endy
  14. Austin Che (maybe, depending on the time leaving. July 22nd morning may be problematic)
  15. Sean Clarke
  16. Lauren Leung

Don't know yet

  1. Tom Knight
  2. Randy Rettberg
  3. Julie Norville

Non: because we are french

  1. Reshma Shetty
  2. Leon Chan
  3. Jeff Gritton