Directions to Bird Bath

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Location: "Lake" Gardner, Bath, NH.

Directions: Get to Woodsville, NH or Bath, NH. Go to red dot on map below. Note that Mt Gardner road is more or less dirt as is the last little two roads *up* to the lake. Turn off and go up from Mt Gardner road, take a left at the fork and drive slowly around to the bird bath. The fastest way to travel is up 93 to North Woodstock and then left/west on the "western kangamangus" (perhaps route 132?). Go over the pass and take 112 down though Swiftwater to 10/302. Woodsville is left (faster), Bath is right (scenic). Alternate route is to take 91, 5 north into Woodsville/302.

Stuff en route.

  1. A couple miles west of North Woodstock, there's an italian restaurant clinging to the left side of the road. Just before and behind the restaurant is a very cool gorge and waterfall.
  2. Just pass the crest of the pass on 132, you'll cross over the appalachian trial and come to a small pond on the left. Cool to get out and stop for a sec (parking on left). There's also an interesting, potentially dangerous micro gorge is you follow the outflow from the lake a ~15 meters downstream.
  3. At Swiftwater there is a sharp left turn with a covered bridge to your right. If you go across the bridge and park in the lot on the left you can check out the swifwater falls and swimming hole.
  4. If you go via Bath. There's the famous Bath Brick store. You'll see it.
  5. Route from Bath requires use of Bath covered bridge.

Info: There is a decaying dock and lake to swim in, things like rowboats and canoes. If anybody has a remote control plane rigged for water landings, please bring that. Decent porch and fireplace (and outdoor pit -- although not if it's raining). Great for card playing.