Retreat Transportation

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Please add your name to one of the following cars. Up to 4 people per car. The drivers will be deciding what time to leave.

Your options are:

  • Caitlin's car, which will be leaving from lab at 10:15-10:20. Call my cell if I'm not there...
    • **If you sign up for my car, indicate what time you want to leave:
  1. Caitlin
  2. Jessica (after 10?)
  • Samantha's car, which will be boarding at 9:45 AM and leaving at 10 AM:
  1. Samantha (note: may be picking up Backstreet on the way out... not a problem with space, cuz they can sit on my lap)
  2. Sean the Navigator
  • Sri's car, leaving sometime arond noon: (as of right now, no tunes, but A/C... i'll work on the tunes...)
  1. Sri
  2. Austin (can only leave after 11am)
  3. Jason -- designated navigator (in charge of printing directions)
  4. Josh
  • Ty's car, which will be leaving between 11am:
  1. Ty
  2. Ilya
  3. Lauren
  4. Barry

  • Heather's car (3 people only), which will be leaving at noon:
  1. Drew
  2. Heather
  3. Jen