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Heather Keller


Research Technician in the Endy lab since June 2002

Lab Safety Officer

B.A. in Biology and Mathematics from Wellesley College, 2002

Hails proudly from the beautiful state of Vermont!

Known for her literal moments (see posting in 68-564D).

Current Projects

Measures and Models of T7 Gene Expression

Research Goals

The goal of my work is to quantitatively measure absolute levels of individual bacteriophage T7 mRNA during the course of infection. For this, I have adapted real-time SYBR Green RT-PCR methods in order to measure small regions of 26 transcripts on a copy number per cell level. These measurements support concurrent efforts in our lab to realistically model T7 gene expression.


Keith Warren Jennison, Vermont is Where you Find It (New York: Harcourt, Brace, and Co., 1941).