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Before Starting Benchwork

Chances are you have previously fulfilled some of the following requirements if you have previously worked in Building 68. For the most part, you do not need to redo any training that you successfully completed with a previous lab. You must update/complete at the following:

Minimal Requirements

  1. Lab Specific Chemical Hygiene Training
    • You will be required to complete the Lab Specific Training in order to become familiar with the hazardous particular to our lab.

After completing this requirement (in addition to any required in the next section), see the lab Safety Officer (Heather) in order to sign a Compliance Form to show your training is complete.

Requirements You May Have Fullfilled Previously

The following must also be completed before you can begin benchwork. However, if you have previously completed this training it does not need to be repeated. If you feel that you have fulfilled one of these requirements with a different, yet equivalent course please see the lab Safety Officer (Heather).

  1. Complete Training Needs Assessment (requires MIT certificate)
    • If you have already used this training system before, you need only update your Training Needs Assessment to list Drew Endy as your Primary DLC.
  2. General Chemical Hygiene Training (online)
  3. Managing Hazardous Waste Training (online)
    • You will need to repeat this course if you have not taken it in the last year.
  4. Read Biology Department Safety Plan and complete internal questionnaire
  5. Read Chemical Hygiene Plan

Additional Requirements

  • All individuals planning to do lab work also need to complete the General Biosafety for Researchers course in a timely fashion. However, this does not need to be completed prior to beginning lab work. If you completed this previously you do not need to repeat it.
  • (optional) Anyone who will be using radioactivity in their experiments must first complete the Radiation Training course. This training is not required unless you are using radioactivity. If you completed this training previously you need only repeat it if your certification is outdated (more than 2 years old).

Renewing Your Training

The following must be completed annually:

  1. Managing Hazardous Waste
  2. Lab Specific Chemical Hygiene Training

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