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 Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) is greatly useful materials for a building block in constructing extremely small structure. DNA origami is constructed by combining complementary chains between a long cyclic DNA strand (Scaffold DNA) and more 200 kinds of short strands (Staple DNA). It had been reported various nanostructures made of DNA origami such as smile mark and a star mark. Also it had been reported a DNA origami which is represented a character. But the quantity had not much. So, we tried to increase the amount of visually information. We focused on QR code that is one kind of two-dimensional code. It is possible to accommodate the large amount of data in a small space, and to accommodate not only numbers but also the language data such as English. Interestingly, QR code is read in a camera Apps. And it can read a little wrong QR code. In order to express it in nano size scale, we utilize height difference of DNA origami structure. Therefore, we used a dumbbell hairpin. It gives height to DNA origami structure. Reading its structure in an AFM, nano QR code may be represented. We will design DNA origami by modifying dumbbell hairpins in the form of the QR code. If camera App can read the figure of nano QR code made of the origami, our project will be complete! This will be a new information medium.



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Team Name: Team Kansai
Institution Name: Kansai University
Geographic Location: Osaka, Japan