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The BioMicro Center provides some support for high-throughput library preparation for Illumina sequencing. High-throughput preparations can be a cost effective way to process large numbers of samples. However, these preps differ from our standard library preparation in several ways:

  • Samples are processed in large batches only. The number of samples per batch varies based on the prep type.
  • Failed samples are NOT repeated. For some methods, they can be repeated as standard samples for an additional charge.
  • Samples are requested to be pre-QCed and submitted in a specific format (see below). Samples that are not submitted in this format will be subject to setup and quality control costs.


METHOD Samples/batch Volume/sample (ul) Submission Conc.
DNA Methods
16S metagenome 44 20 must be Ct<20
Other amplicon 44 20 must be Ct<20
Nextera XT 16 7 0.2ng/ul
(lower amounts for short amplicon)
RNA Methods
HT3DGE 24 5 4 ng/uL

16S metagenomics / amplicon submission guidelines

16S metagenomics and amplicon should be submitted according to the following guidelines:

  • Submit samples in blocks of up to 44 (half a 96-well plate, allowing room for 4 BioMicro Center controls per 48). The cost for prep is rounded up to the nearest full block, since the reagents and protocols are built for this number.
  • Please arrange samples column-wise in the plates, not row-wise.
  • Please organize the samples according to expected behavior and prep parameters. For example, if a number of samples are expected to be much lower in concentration than the rest, or if a block of samples will only undergo part of the prep, set these in their own block, rather than interspersing them among the others. (Partial preps will be charged at the full rate unless special arrangements were made prior to project submission, as our batched reagents can't be divided without additional work and risk of trace contamination.)
  • Please submit all samples in a block at the same time. The economy of our high-throughput methods depend on processing in set numbers. Additional submissions once the project is underway may require additional charges for repeating block steps.

Thank you! Your attention to these guidelines help us to significantly reduce the processing, tracking and rearranging necessary to assure best prep conditions!

High Throughput 3' Digital Gene Expression

HT3DGE samples should be submitted according to the following guidelines:

  • Submit samples in rows, batches are processed per each set of 24.
  • Arrange samples row-wise, not column-wise in plates.
  • Please normalize all total RNA to about 5 uL at 4 ng/uL.
  • Please submit all samples for a project at the same time.

Currently Available

16S 48 Xul
Amplicon 48 X ul Must be amplified using BMC jumpers
NexteraXT 16 7ul 0.2ng/ul
HT-3'DGE RNAseq 12 7ul 2-10ng/ul(constant)