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Data Management

The data managers at the BioMicro center are responsible for the organization and storage of scientific data. We do this using NExtSEEK, a FAIR-compliant data management system, allowing for the data to be findable, accessible, interoperable, and reusable, ensuring the quality of the metadata being stored. NextSEEK is one of the only FAIR-compliant storage systems and is built to handle a variety of types of scientific data types, a contrast to other commercial databases that are built for one specific data type. Currently, we are working with three different projects comprising of numerous different labs; the MIT SuperFund Research Program (SRP), the Metastasis Network (MetNet), and Impact TB. The data managers at the BioMicro Center work with researchers to submit data in real time, making the data deposition and submission for publication process as simple as possible.

More Information

To learn more about how we implement FAIR compliance, go here.

For those interested in learning more about the technical aspects of NExtSEEK, navigate to this page.

For instructions on how to use NExtSEEK, go to this page.

To see the public data on FAIRDOMHub, check out studies published by Impact and SRP.

Number of Samples (as of 02/09/2023)
Project Sample amount
Impact TB 25,560
MetNet 1,041
SRP 20,596

Srp.png Impact.png Metnet.png

Number of Samples (as of 02/09/2023)
Experimental type Number of samples Data type Number of samples Analysis type Number of samples
Antibodies 399 Antibody Functional Profiling 1 CT scan 1
Antibody Panel 22 Atmosphere 2 Single Cell Clustering 3
Bacteria 4 Sequencing 418 Single Cell Expression 311
Tissue 28229 Compensation FCS files 94 FLOW 233
Cell 807 File 3 Functional Profile Clustering 1
Chemical 1 Flow Cytometry 2267 Images 180
DNA libraries 690 GPT Assay 80 Luminex 1
Gas 3 Images 1113 Sequencing 1
Patient Visit 9549 Luminex 10 Mass Spectrometry 9
Location 3 Microbial Load 2
Lysate 13 Mass Spectrometry 9
Mouse 2034 Sensor 13
Non-Human Primates 386
Organ on Chip 19
Patient 153