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Updated June 7, 2021 (RR4)

Sample Submission (internal):

  • To submit a sample, you will begin on iLabs as you typically do
  • Once you have submitted, BMC staff will approve your submission. If you do not hear from us within a few hours, please email to make sure we see the message.
  • After we have reviewed your project, you will be free to bring the samples to the Center. If it is after hours or no one is on site, there will be a sample drop off location immediately outside the BMC.
  • If you do not have access to 68, please call the facility when you are outside the building by the single access point (617.715.4533). A staff member will come downstairs to retrieve your sample. You will not be permitted to enter the building.

Walk-up Usage (Internal only):

  • All walk-up equipment has been relocated to the first bay and entry of 68-322.
  • Please reserve your equipment 12h in advance on ilabs
  • Consumables are available by emailing or by sign-out of reagents from their freezer/drawers. If you email us, we will place them in the freezer outside the facility.
  • Training by your labmates continues to not be permitted due to on going challenges with instrument repair.

External Users:

  • NO access to the BioMicro Center is available for non-MIT users.
  • Assisted services are available to non-MIT users through either delivery of samples by Fedex or sample hand-off outside of Building 68.
  • All external use must be approved by the Center Director. The Center is not responsible for samples submitted without approval.