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Updated 8.6.20

Building Access:

Please note that access to building 68 is limited. To access the BioMicro Center, the following must be true:
1. You must be part of an MIT or affiliated lab.
2. Your PI must have indicated you need to use the BioMicro Center on "Worksheet B". Your PI can update this worksheet multiple times during research ramp-up if needed.
3. Access to Building 68 requires the attestation to be completed 30 minutes before your arrival. We recommend entering on the Hockfield Court side.

Sample Submission (internal):

  • To submit a sample, you will begin on iLabs as you typically do

  • Once you have submitted, BMC staff will reach out to schedule a zoom call to review your submission prior to sample drop off. If you do not hear from us within a few hours, please email to make sure we see the message.

  • After we have reviewed your project, you will be free to bring the samples to the Center. If it is after hours or no one is on site, there will be a sample drop off location outside the BMC.

  • All services will be available, though some will be slightly delayed. We will be operating at a reduced staff for the immediate future.

Walk-up Usage:

  • All walk-up equipment has been relocated to the first bay and entry of 68-322. All other areas of the BioMicro Center are off limits to non-BMC staff.

  • The walk-up equipment is currently located in an area with a maximum occupancy of 1. Minor exceptions may occur depending on which pieces of equipment are being used. Additional occupancy may be added at RR2.

  • Please reserve your equipment 24h in advance on ilabs and expect there may be some juggling of your reservation to maintain occupancy limits.

  • All reservations require approval of BMC staff.

  • Access to the BMC using the card readers has been severely limited. The door to 68-322 will remain open at times we are expecting walk-up users only. For users outside of regular business hours, card access will be granted on a case-by-case basis after your reservation has been approved.

  • BMC is currently staffed Monday-Saturday. Hours depend on requirements for projects being handled by the core, but are typically through standard business hours.

  • If someone else is in the space at your designated appointment time, please remain outside the room.

  • Please be expeditious in your use of the equipment and remain adjacent to the equipment you are using.

  • We are not able to offer training at this time. For users needing assistance, samples/plates can be dropped off as "assisted services" where BMC staff will run the samples for you.

  • All users entering the BMC must immediately put on a fresh pair of gloves. This is additional beyond the standard MIT requirement.

  • A core facility is a challenging area for transmission safety because so many people use it. Use of PPE and following MIT and BMC guidelines is essential. Failure to do so endangers not only your labmates, but a large number of other users and will result in suspension of access to the facility.

External Users:

  • NO access to the BioMicro Center is available for non-MIT users.
  • Assisted services are available to non-MIT users through either delivery of samples by Fedex or sample hand-off outside of Building 68.
  • All external use must be approved by the Center Director. The Center is not responsible for samples submitted without approval.