BISC 111/113:Lab 12: Beetle Presentations

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  1. Integrate research results with primary literature on population dynamics
  2. Present research results to student colleagues
  3. Review Population concepts from labs 2, 11 & 12 for the lab practical

Lab 12 Overview

I. Presentation of research results
II. Review guidelines for the final lab report

Research Presentations

Presentation of research results in written and/or oral form is a key component of the scientific process. By sharing our results, we open them to discussion and criticism, tracing a route for further learning about the natural world.

Research Paper

Turn in research paper on your "Tribolium" experiment on the last day of classes. A full scientific paper in the Biological Sciences consists of the following sections: Abstract, Introduction, Methods, Results, Discussion, and Literature Cited. Follow the guidelines of your instructor regarding the sections to be included in your report.

Please refer to the chapter Science Writing Guidelines of the Wiki for a reminder of what should be covered in each of these sections. Procedures for constructing graphs and running statistical tests are available in the chapter Statistics and Graphing.