BISC209: Lab9

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Wellesley College-BISC 209 Microbiology -Spring 2010

LAB 9: Data Analysis Lab

We will learn how to use the RDB (ribosomal data base, a public data base provided by Michigan State University) to analyze your sequencing results. Lab to be held in a computer classroom (TBA). Make sure you have signed up for an account on the RDB and received a username and password before you come to lab. Link to the RDB:

Click on myRDP (orange sidebar on the left of the screen).

Click on "Not a user? Sign up!" and this will take you to a registration screen. Fill out the information required and then check your email. You will be sent a password. Go back to the myRDP site and login with your email and this password. It will then prompt you to change that password to something you can remember.

WRITE THIS DOWN! Don't lose your password!

In LAB 10 we will not have a formal lab. Instead, you will have a conference with your lab instructor to help you prepare for your poster presentation and for writing your paper. You will come with your habitat group to your lab instructor's office next week for a 30 minute conference about your data analysis for your poster presentation. Have a draft of all of your figures prepared to show her and a written summary of your discussion points and conclusions. There will be time for you to ask questions or to schedule another conference for more individualized help.


Write another results section with figure(s) and/or table(s): Soil community diversity identification from 16S rDNA sequencing: phylogenetic relationships and their significance. Due next week at your conference with your instructor.

The assignment information in LAB 8 and feedback from your previous graded results section assignment should help you with this assignment.

Continue to wind down and finalize the classification of your culturable isolates. Start discarding your cultures.

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