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Wellesley College-BISC 209 Microbiology -Spring 2010

Lab 10: Conference With Your Lab Instructor

This week you will not have lab (unless you have work to do on your own on your project). You will have a scheduled 30 minute conference with your instructor and your lab group during lab time to clear up any questionable aspects of your data analysis, to discuss your progress on your poster or paper and to get any questions answered as you prepare for your presentation. Please come in your habitat groups of 3 or 4 students to your lab instructor's office at the time you signed up for last week. Have a draft of all of your figures prepared to show her and a written summary of your discussion points and conclusions. There will be time for you to ask questions but, primarily, think of this conference as presenting a draft of your presentation and articulating a preview of your paper.


Prepare for your group "virtual" poster presentation on Microbial Diversity: Roles and Relationships Among Soil Bacteria Found in a ________ Habitat. In LAB 11, each team of 3-4 students who sampled soil from a particular greenhouse habitat will prepare a powerpoint slide in the style of a poster that would be presented informally and talked about at a scientific research conference. You and your partners will not print the poster and stand by it to talk about it with colleagues at a conference but, instead, you will show it to the class "virtually" on a projection screen and use it in a 20-30 minute group oral presentation that is worth 25 points, based on the assessment of the class and your instructor of the poster and the presentation's quality. However, you will also be assessing the quality and level of participation of your peers for a potential loss of no more than 10 individual points from the 25 point total. This individual grade is determined by the consensus of your group members on each member's contribution. The contribution grade includes the data collection, data analysis, and the preparation of the poster and presentation. Grading rubrics are in the Rubrics folder on the First Class lab conference. You will also find on the Lab Conference a folder of links and handouts of helpful information about making a poster. There are examples of effective posters to look at from the following web site: | The Resources section of the wiki contains a tip sheet prepared by the PLTC oral presentation peer-tutors about how to give an effective oral presentation. Presentation room for the Tuesday Lab is SC256 and for the Wednesday Lab SC396. Please make sure that you email your powerpoint to the Lab conference in First Class as an attachment before lab time so we can access it on the computer in the presentation room.

Discard and clean up any remaining tests and cultures.

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