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Wellesley College-BISC 209 Microbiology -Spring 2010

Lab Graded Assignments

Lab Assigned Lab Due Assignment
Point Value
(Total 200)
1 2 Answer the questions found at the end of LAB 1 5
2 3 Write a summary of the relevant morphologic (shape, arrangement, Gram stain, motility etc) and useful metabolic characteristics (antibiotic producers, cellulose or nitrogen recyclers, etc)of expected soil bacterial genera from each of the 11 groups that you are attempting to find in your habitat. 5
3 4 M&M
Amplification of 16S rDNA in a soil sample
4 5 Introduction section of final paper 15
5 6 M&M

Isolation of soil bacteria to pure culture
& Identification of bacteria by 16S rRNA gene sequencing from soil genomic DNA

6 7 Write a brief summary of the theory behind the following techniques that we used to identify our bacterial species by molecular tools: genomic DNA isolation, polymerase chain amplification of part of the 16s rRNA genes, use of the Zero Blunt® TOPO® PCR Cloning Kit to create a library of unique plasmid vector with our 16S rRNA gene inserts and then select, One Shot® TOP10 Competent E. coli Cells that allowed us to select and separate our 16S rRNA genes for sequencing, and DNA sequencing by the Sanger method. 5
7 8 Study for Lab Practical
8 8 Lab practical 45
8 9 Results section with figures/tables:
Identification of Culturable Soil Bacteria by Physical and Metabolic Characteristics
9 10 Partial Results section with figure(s)/table(s)
Soil Community Diversity Results from 16S rDNA sequencing
10 11 Group "Virtual" Poster Presentation
Note that the 25pt includes 10 points of Individual Contribution to Group points--assigned by consensus of your project and presentation group
11 12 Lab notebook 5
12 12 Final Paper 60
Other CLEAN-UP points 5

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