Amanda N. Wavrin Week 2

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  • Determining how color is inhertited in these test flowers.
  • We are working with a single gene system.
  • Alleles are versions of genes.


  • When crossing a pure-breeding green (Green-1) flower with a pure-breeding white flower all of the off spring were green. This would indicate that green is dominant.
  • When I self crossed one of the previous off spring flowers, it resulted in 19 green flowers and 7 whte flowers. This shows that self crossed flower was heterzygous. When I repeated this cross a second time, it resulted in 4 white flowers and 15green flowers.
  • When I continued to mutate one of the white flowers(2-9), all of the off spring were white.
  • I mutated a white flower (2-21) again and it resulted in all white off spring.
  • I mutated a white flower (2-2), resulted in all white off spring.
  • I mutated a white flower (2-14)for the fourth time, resulted in all white off spring.
  • When I mutated white flower 2-17 the results were 14 white flowers, one mutant yellow flower and one mutnatred flower.
  • When I crossed the Yellow and Red mutants, it resulted in 6 orange mutants, 10 White, 8 Red, and 4 Yellow. When I repeated this cross, it resulted in 4 Yellow mutants, 4 Red, 7 orange, and 5 White.
  • Crossed Green-2 and Mutated red, resulted in 7 Purple, 9 Orange, 8 Yellow, 4 Blue.
  • When self crossed purple flower, resultd in 9 purple flowers,5 red flowers, 5 blue flowers.
  • Self crossed another purple flower, resulted in 9 purple flowers, 8 blue flowers,8 red.
  • Crossed Blue and Purple, resulted in 10 purple, 14 blue.
  • Crossed purple and Gree2, resulted in 9 Purple, 4 Blue,3 Orange, 4 Green.
  • Crossed orange and white, resulted in 13 Orange, 7 red.
  • Self crossed blue, all blue off spring. Repeated.
  • Crossed two Blue, all blue off spring. Repeated.
  • Self cross green2- result in blue, yellow, and green. Codominance.
  • Crossed Green1 and Red, resulted in 15 black flowers and 7 green flowers.
  • Crossed prebreeding red and green1, resulted in all black. Incomplete dominance.

Answers to Aipotu Genetics Questions

A)How many different alleles are there? Which colors do the produce?

Phenotypes and Corresponding Genotypes

  • These are the different alleles: Cg, Cw, Cr, Cb, Cy. Different combinations of the alleles produce different colors:
  • Green1- CgCg
  • White- CwCw
  • Red- CrCr
  • Blue- CbCb
  • Orange- CrCy
  • Yellow- CyCy
  • Purple- CrCb
  • Black- CrCg
  • Green2- CyCb

B) Which are dominant and which are recessive?

  • Green1 is dominant to blue
  • Green1 is dominant to white
  • Green1 is dominant to gree2
  • Green1 is dominant to yellow
  • Green1 and red exhibit incomplete dominance
  • White is recessive
  • Green and blue are codominant

C)How do the colors combine to produce an overall color?

List of colors produced by allelic combinations

  • CgCg-Green1
  • CgCw-Green1
  • CgCr-Black
  • CgCb-Green1
  • CgCy-Green1
  • CwCw-White
  • CwCr-Red
  • CwCb-Blue
  • CwCy-Yellow
  • CrCr-Red
  • CrCb-Purple
  • CrCy-Orange
  • CbCb-Blue
  • CbCy-Green2
  • CyCy-Yellow

D)The four starting organisms:

  1. Green1- CgCg
  2. Green2- CyCb
  3. Red- CrCw
  4. White- CwCw

E)Using this knowledge, construct a purple flower.

Purple Flower- CbCr

F)Can you construct a pure-bredding purple flower from the starting set of organisms?

No, you cannot construct a pure-breeding purple flower with the starting set of organisms. You need a mutation to get a pure-breeding purple flower.

G)What can you learn from mutations? Is it easier to mutate from color to white or vice versa? What new color(s) can you find by mutation?

It is easier to mutate from color to white.

New colors found by mutation:

  • Purple
  • Black
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Blue

These colors are also attainable through cross-breeding.

H) Make mutant versions of any strain you like. Find one with an unusual color. Find out which alleles are present and if any are new mutant alleles. Define any new mutant alleles you've generated and their dominance/recessivity relationships with the white allele.

I chose a mutant black flower, made it pure-breeding, and crossed it with a pure-breeding white flower.

  • All black offspring
  • Black mutant is dominant to white


I was unable to construct a pure-breeding purple flower starting with the original set of organisms. A mutation would have to occur, resulting in a pure-breeding purple flower.