Alex J. George Week 8

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Week 8 Individual Journal

Retrieving Protein Sequences

  • After searching for dUTPase, I searched for "gp120 protein"
  • This search was not extensive enough, so I searched for "gp120 protein Human immunodeficiency virus type 1" which limited my results

  • I selected accession #O40505. however it is not reviewed, so it may not be the best selection
    • FASTA Sequence:


Reading a SWISS-PROT

  • Searched for ID "P00533"- an epidermal growth factor
  • General Info located at top:

  • Much more detailed info chronicled throughout page such as Function, references and comments

With gp120

  • Accession #O40505: Here is a screenshot of the information provided for this human gp120 protein

ORFing DNA Sequences

  • To ORF my DNA. I went to "" and copied the FASTA sequence of S2,V1, Clone 1 into the input field
  • Here is the resulting ORF of the DNA sequence from Subject 2, Visit 1, Clone 1 of the Markham et al. study
  • Compared to P00533" from SWISS-PROT:

Single Protein Sequence- gp120

  • I obtained to amino acid sequence for gp 120 from SWISS-PROT by selecting a reviewed gp160 entry, P05883.
  • From P05883 main page, I scrolled to the "Molecule Processing" section and selected "surface protein gp120" which gave me its amino acid sequence
  • After entering this sequence into ProtParam, it gave me a bunch of results for the protein sequence. Here is a sample:

TMHMM- Transmembrane segments

  • The results from TMHMM tell me that gp120 definitely acts on the outside of the cell:


  • Here are the results after running the ScanProsite test:

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