Alex A. Cardenas Week 12

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  • Today we are looking at our data sets and seeing which ones were used in the microarray.
  • Going back to last weeks lab and answering questions.

Master Spreadsheet

  • So far master spreadsheet can be found here.

Data Sets

Array Data Sets

From Methods Section of Microarray

  1. What samples did they collect and use for the microarray experiment?
    • Three biological replicates of control culture and ranalexin. A total of six arrays for analysis were obtained.
  2. How many microarray chips did they hybridize in the experiment?
    • 2
  3. Which samples were paired to hybridize on the chip?
    • Ranalexin (A1) and MRSA-252(A2). MRSA-252(A1) and Ranalexin(A2).
  4. Which was labeled red (Cy5)? Which was labeled green (Cy3)?
    • Ranalexin (A1) and MRSA-252(A2) was labeled red (Cy5).
    • Ranalexin (A2) and MRSA-252(A1) was labeled green (Cy3).
  5. How many replicates did they perform of each type?
    • They performed 2 technical replicates of each type.
  6. Arrary data file names found below
    • Ranalexin (A1) - MBAD_12054.txt
    • Ranalexin (A2) - MBAD_12061.txt
    • MRSA-252 (A1) - MBAD_12055.txt
    • MRSA-252 (A2) - MBAD_12060.txt
  7. Spreadsheet can be found in the link above.