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  • For training on departmental equipment and building procedures, submit a work request at PHNS tech support

Additional safety notes for handling biohazards

  • per Bob Golden @ IBC/REM, 5/24/12
  1. Liquid form of anti-cancer drugs or other biohazard used in cell culture may be handled in the way we currently do (bleach then drain to the sink).
  2. Use BSC or fume hood when handling anti-cancer drugs or biohazard. This is to “contain” the potential hazard in a limited location, should any spill or splash occur.
  3. Use PPE in handling the drugs: Goggles, mask
  4. Use an absorbent (diaper) on the surface (fume hood, BSC) when the drugs are handled. If the drugs are spilled, decontaminate the surface with alconox solution.
  5. Solid – collect separately and request REM pickup (label “trace cancer drug”)
  6. Make sure you wash hands after handling any chemicals or biohazards.
  7. If the chemicals are transported betweenbuildings, use a secondary container for the samples.
  8. Report direct exposure to chemicals or biohazard (911 outside work hour), Occupational health provider (446-2450, OCC, <6PM).