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The most exciting phrase to hear in science, the one that heralds new discoveries,
is not 'Eureka!' (I found it!) but 'That's funny ...' - Isaac Asimov (1920 - 1992)

Attention, Everyone!!!


  • Quinic Acid-Conjugated Nanoparticles article is featured in Purdue Research Foundation News, WLFI, and GEN.
  • "Quinic Acid-Conjugated Nanoparticles Enhance Drug Delivery to Solid Tumors via Interactions with Endothelial Selectins", by Jun Xu, Steve Seung-Young Lee, Howon Seo, Liang Pang, Yearin Jun, Ruo-Yu Zhang, Zhong-Yin Zhang, Pilhan Kim, Wooin Lee, Stephen J. Kron, and Yoon Yeo, is accepted for publication in Small. (10/23/18)
  • Maie Taha receives the 2018 Jenkins-Knevel Award for Outstanding Graduate Research. Congratulations! (9/21/18)
  • Yihua Pei wins the 2018 Baxter Young Investigator Award in the Program's highest category which includes an honorarium in the amount of $2000. Congratulations! (7/31/18)
  • "Surface modification of polymer nanoparticles with native albumin for enhancing drug delivery to solid tumors", by Hyesun Hyun, Joonyoung Park, Kiela Willis, Ji Eun Park, Tiffany Lyle, Wooin Lee, and Yoon Yeo, is accepted for publication in Biomaterials. (7/12/18)
  • "Quantitative Assessment of Nanoparticle Biodistribution by Fluorescence Imaging, Revisited", by Fanfei Meng, Jianping Wang, Qineng Ping, and Yoon Yeo, is accepted for publication in ACS Nano. (6/19/18)
  • Simseok Yuk won the first place in podium presentation at the 50th Annual Pharmaceutics Graduate Student Research Meeting at the University of Minnesota. Congratulations! (6/8/18)
  • Drs. Xu and Park celebrate in 2018 Spring commencement ceremony. Congratulations, and good luck! (5/11/18)
  • Simseok Yuk receives the PRF research grant fellowship. Congratulations! (4/16/18)
  • Jun Xu (4/2/18), Joonyoung Park (4/6/18), and Yihua Pei (4/9/18) successfully defended their final exams. Congratulations, Drs. Xu, Park, and Pei. We are proud of you all!
  • The Board of Trustees of Purdue University approves Dr. Yeo's promotion to Professor (4/6/18). The promotion is effective August 2018.
  • "Recent advances in nanomedicine for sepsis treatment" by Simseok Yuk, Diego Sanchez-Rodriguez, Michael D. Tsifansky, and Yoon Yeo, is accepted for publication in Therapeutic Delivery. (3/14/18)
  • "A Comparative In Vivo Study of Albumin-Coated Paclitaxel Nanocrystals and Abraxane" by Joonyoung Park, Ji Eun Park, Victoria E Hedrick, Karl V. Wood, Connie Bonham, Wooin Lee, and Yoon Yeo, is accepted for publication in Small. (2/6/18)
  • "Enhancing docetaxel delivery to multidrug-resistant cancer cells with albumin-coated nanocrystals" by Sheryhan Gad, Joonyoung Park, Ji Eun Park, Gihan Fetih, Sozan Tous, Wooin Lee, and Yoon Yeo, is accepted for publication in Molecular Pharmaceutics. (1/17/18)
  • Maie Taha wins the 2018 Chaney Graduate Student Travel Award. Congratulations! (1/3/18)
  • “Small molecule delivery to solid tumors with chitosan-coated PLGA particles: A lesson learned from comparative imaging” by Jinho Park, Yihua Pei, Hyesun Hyun, Mark A. Castanares, David S. Collins, and Yoon Yeo, is accepted for publication in Journal of Controlled Release. (10/25/17)
  • Jun Xu receives 2017 American Chinese Pharmaceutical Association (ACPA) Research Award, which will be awarded at the AAPS meeting in November. Congratulations! (10/23/17)

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  • Yun-Chu Chen joins the lab as a post-doc associate (September 2018). Welcome!
  • Hytham Gadalla from Assiut University, Egypt, joins the lab as a visiting scholar. Welcome! (Aug. 2018)
  • Hassan Tamam returns to Egypt after 2 years of visiting scholarship. Good luck! (8/17/18)
  • Joonyoung Park (May 2018), Jun Xu and Hyesun Hyun (July 2018) embark on a new journey in their lives. They will be very much missed!

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