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The most exciting phrase to hear in science, the one that heralds new discoveries,
is not 'Eureka!' (I found it!) but 'That's funny ...' - Isaac Asimov (1920 - 1992)

Attention, Everyone!!!


  • Hytham Gadalla wins the graduate student poster award at the Inaugural College of Pharmacy Research Day. Congratulations! (11/10/21)
  • Soonbum Kwon receives the Chaney Graduate Research Award. Congratulations! (11/3/21)
  • Soonbum Kwon receives the McKeehan Graduate Fellowship. Congratulations! (10/4/21)
  • Dr. Yeo features in the Controlled Release Society Young Scientist Committee Interview with a Luminary (September 2021)
  • Hytham Gadalla receives the 2021-2022 Ronald W. Dollens Graduate Scholarship. Congratulations! (9/2/21)
  • Jianping Wang is recognized as one of the best student presenters by the organizers of the 2021 MRS Spring Beyond Nano, Challenges and Opportunities in Drug Delivery Symposium. This recognition comes with an award of $300. (6/18/21)
  • "Nanocapsules modify membrane interaction of polymyxin B to enable safe systemic therapy of Gram-negative sepsis," by Simseok A. Yuk, Hyungjun Kim, Nader S. Abutaleb, Alexandra M. Dieterly, Maie S. Taha, Michael D. Tsifansky, L. Tiffany Lyle, Mohamed N. Seleem, and Yoon Yeo, is accepted for publication in Science Advances. (6/15/21)
  • Fanfei Meng receives the Bergstrom Research Award 2020-21 grant from the Purdue Center for Cancer Research (PCCR). Congratulations! (6/8/21)
  • Fanfei Meng wins the 2021 Graduate School Mentoring Award for Postdoctoral Trainees. Congratulations! (May 2021).
  • Lockdown Anniversary video tribute by the lab (3/25/21).
  • Dr. Yeo receives the inaugural Samyang CRS Award in Honor of Sung Wan Kim, which will be presented at the CRS 2021 Virtual Annual Meeting, July 25-29th. (3/9/21)
  • "Nanosac, a Non-Cationic and Soft Polyphenol Nanocapsule, Enables Systemic Delivery of siRNA to Solid Tumors," by Hyungjun Kim, Simseok A Yuk, Alexandra M Dieterly, Soonbum Kwon, Jinho Park, Fanfei Meng, Hytham H. Gadalla, Maria Jose Cadena, L. Tiffany Lyle, and Yoon Yeo, is accepted for publication in ACS Nano. (2/24/21)
  • "Engineering microenvironment of biodegradable polyester systems for drug stability and release control," by Nisar U. Khaliq, Dhawal Chobisa, Coralie A. Richard, Monica R. Swinney, and Yoon Yeo, is accepted for publication in Therapeutic Delivery. (12/18/20)
  • Dhawal Chobisa receives the 2021 Chaney Graduate Student Travel Grant, which supports his attendance at the 2021 Associate for Research in Vision and Opthalmology (ARVO) annual meeting. Congratulations! (12/17/20)
  • "Local drug delivery systems for inflammatory diseases: Status quo, challenges, and opportunities," by Yun-Chu Chen, Sheryhan F. Gad, Dhawal Chobisa, Yongzhe Li and Yoon Yeo, is accepted for publication in J. Controlled Release. (12/16/20)
  • Jianping Wang receives the McKeehan Graduate Fellowship. Congratulations! (9/21/20)
  • "Antibacterial Nanotruffles for Treatment of Intracellular Bacterial Infection," by Marwa G Elnaggar; Kunyu Jiang; Hassan E Eldesouky; Yihua Pei; Jinho Park; Simseok Yuk; Fanfei Meng; Alexandra M Dieterly; Haroon T Mohammad; Youssef A Hegazy; Hesham M Tawfeek; Aly A Abdel-Rahman; Ahmed E Aboutaleb; Mohamed M Seleem; Yoon Yeo, is accepted for publication in Biomaterials (8/21/20)
  • Simseok Yuk receives the Travel grant from the Purdue Graduate Student Government and the Graduate School. Congratulations! (5/27/20)

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  • Woojun Kim (post-doc) and Sooyoung Shin (visiting scholar) join the lab. Welcome aboard! (July 2021)
  • Simseok Yuk embarks on a new journey as a post-doc at Northwestern University. Good luck! (June 2021)
  • Hyungjun Kim leaves the lab to join the faculty at Kumoh National Institute of Technology, Korea. (Feb. 2021)

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