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BME 612 Biomedical Optics

This course introduces basic principles, technical advances and clinical applications of biomedical optics. The lectures cover clinical and technical aspects of biomedical optics, light transport in biological tissue, optical sources and detectors, biomedical applications of fiber optical components, optical imaging and spectroscopy on deep and superficial biological tissues.

BME 679 Medical Device Design

This course introduces basic skills, knowledge and tools necessary for medical device design, fabrication, testing, and commercialization. The lectures cover essential steps in a medical device development cycle, including market analysis, design methodology, intellectual properties, project management, documentation, regulation, safety, human factors, validation and verification.

BME 779 Advanced Medical Device Design

This course introduces advanced knowledge, hands-on skills and useful tools for medical device design, fabrication, verification, validation, and regulation. The lecture covers clinical need analysis; medical device design and prototyping; medical device testing, verification, and validation; human factors, ergonomics, and safety engineering; medical device design control and documentation; FDA and regulation; and animal and clinical studies.

BME 503 Professional Development

This is an undergraduate course focusing on developing an understanding of the contemporary issues in the field of Biomedical Engineering and professional skills as a biomedical engineer.