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Welcome to the Lab of Multimodal Imaging and Image-guided Therapy (XU Lab)!

Our mission is to develop multimodal, real-time, and portable medical imaging techniques for disease detection, therapeutic guidance, controlled drug delivery, and sustained drug release. The research in our lab is driven by the following clinical needs: (1) there is the lack of intraoperative imaging tools for disease boundary assessment; (2) there is the lack of intraoperative imaging tools for real-time feedback of therapeutic margin; (3) the clinical outcome of many existing therapeutic agents is hindered by the low drug delivery efficiency. Currently, our lab focuses on three clinical fields: cancer, wound healing, and ocular diseases. We are grateful for the support of our project provided by OSU Biomedical Engineering Department, OSU Department of Ophthalmology,OSU Davis Heart and Lung Research Institute, OSU Center for Clinical & Translational Science, OSU Center for Minimally Invasive Surgery, Wallace H. Coulter Foundation, National Institute of Standards and Technology, National Cancer Institute, and Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs.

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Latest News

2011.11   Dr. Xu was invited to present at a NIST/NIH/FDA workshop entitled "Standards for Phantoms for the Performance Evaluation and Validation of Optical Medical Imaging Devices"(11/7-11/8, Washington DC). He also served in the organizing committee of this workshop.

2011.10   Jiwei Huang gave an oral presentation entitled "Multispectral imaging of cutaneous tissue oxygen" at the 2011 Annual Meeting of the Biomedical Engineering Society (10/12-10/15, Hardford, CT). This presentation was selected by BMES for Continuing Medical Education Credits.Two more posters from the Xu lab was presented at this meeting. Congratulations!

2011.10   Dr. Xu was promoted to the rank of Associate Professor with Tenure at the Biomedical Engineering Department of the Ohio State University. Congratulations!

2011.10   Dr. Shufang Chang, Associate Professor of Ob/Gyn at Chongqing Medical University in China, joined the Xu lab as a Visiting Professor. Professor Chang has many years of clinical and research expertise in cancer surgery and targeted therapy. Welcome!

2011.9   Dr. Xu was awarded an R21 grant from National Cancer Institute for image-guided epgienetic therapy using multifunctional microbubbles. The collaborating team of this grant includes Dr. Michael Tweedle of Radiology, Dr. Rulong Shen of Pathology, and Dr. Zhongfa Liu of Pharmacy.Congratulations!

2011.8   Dr. Xu was invited to an oral presentation and a poster presentation at the Era of Hope Meeting organized by Department of Defense Breast Cancer Research Program (8/2-8/5, Orlando, FL). His presentations are about the synthesis of heat-sensitive microbubbles and multifunctional microbubbles for cancer ablation margin assessment and imaged-guided therapy.

2011.7   Dr. Xu visited the Research Institute of Ultrasonic Medicine led by Dr. Zhigang Wang at Chongqing Medical University. He was invited to give a presentation on multifunctional microbubbles for image-guided cancer therapy(7/22, Chongqing, China).

2011.7   Dr. Xu was invited to offer a summer short course at University of Science and Technology of China(7/11-7/21, Hefei, China). The short course introduced the basic concepts and necessary pathways for medical device design and commercialization from benchtop to bedside.

2011.2   Dr. Xu won the 2010 TechColumbus innovation Award in the category of "Inventor of the Year" in 2010. The TechColumbus Innovation Awards celebrate and honor individuals and teams in a variety of disciplines. Each award category is an important component of the technology and innovation community. Receiving the top honor in an award category showcases the dramatic impact of the awardee’s contributions in Central Ohio and beyond.