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General Lab Duties

Wittrup: Dishwashing


Wittrup: Buffers

Wittrup: Yeast Media/Buffers

Wittrup: E. coli Media


Wittrup:XL Flow cytometer

Wittrup:Deltavision deconvolution microscope


Wittrup: Plasmid miniprep

Wittrup: Restriction digestion

Wittrup: Gel electrophoresis

Wittrup: Gel extraction

Wittrup: Site directed mutagenesis by QuikChange

Wittrup: PCR

Wittrup: Yeast colony PCR


Wittrup: Determining Protein Concentration

Wittrup:His-Tag Proteins/Nickel Column Purification (suppliers, troubleshooting, etc.)

Wittrup: FPLC general use

Wittrup: SDS-PAGE

Wittrup: ECL Western Blots and Phosphorimager

Wittrup: Protein concentration by ultrafiltration

Wittrup: Protein conjugation with fluorophores

Wittrup: Fluorescein Quench Titration Assay

Wittrup: TCA Protein Precipitation

Wittrup: TEV Protease Purification and Digestion

Yeast Protocols

Wittrup: Yeast Transformation

Wittrup: Plasmid rescue from yeast

Wittrup: Yeast storage and revival

Wittrup: Yeast surface display

Wittrup: Cell Surface Secretion Assay

Wittrup: Fluorescence Microscopy of Yeast

Wittrup: Yeast Preps for Western Blotting

Cell culture

Wittrup: New Cell Line Banking and Authentication

Wittrup: Basic Culture Media

Wittrup: Recovery Media

Wittrup: Freezing Media

Wittrup: Freezing Protocol

Wittrup: Subculturing Protocol

Wittrup: Thawing Protocol

Wittrup: Crystal Violet Toxicity Assay Protocol

Wittrup: HEK293-F Transfection

Wittrup: Mycoplasma Detection and Clearance

Animal studies

Wittrup:Immunohistochemistry of frozen sections

Wittrup:Immunohistochemistry of paraffin embedded sections

Wittrup:Immunofluorescence of frozen sections

Wittrup:Tumor dissociation

Wittrup:Making a cell line from tumor sections