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Promotor colonies

In awaiting for the succes of Paul with the oligo's (hopefully tomorrow) 3 colonies were inoculated (using wooden tooth pick) in liquid LB with kanamycin (50 μg/mL). A selfcloser (pSB3K3, 200 μL, 29july2009, Zn-RBS in pSB3K3 (50 μL, 29july2009) and Cu-RBS in pSB3K3 (50 μL, 29july2009).
Because these colonies appeared only after 24 h growth they are suspicious. Due to the low copy number it is still possible.

Pure culture

1august2009 there was a large smear on the Zn-RBS in pSB1AC3(50 μL) plate. This has now been plated out into a pure culture using a inoculating eye put over the plate. Plate was incubated ON @ 37 °C.


  • LB+Agar (10 g BactoTrypton, 10 g NaCl, 5 g Yeast Extract up to 1 L with Demi; 1.5 g Agar per 100 mL)