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Pure colony

  • Nothing usefull, only a smear where large amounts of cells were applied, no single colonies. No good

Promotor colonies

  • A selfcloser (pSB3K3)
  • Zn-RBS in pSB3K3
  • Cu-RBS in pSB3K3

ON cultures were purified using Nucleospin® Plasmid (Machery Nagel) and a restriction analysis performed using HindIII and XbaI
2 μL Fast digest buffer (Fermentas)
1 μL HindIII (Fast digest, Fermentas)
1 μL XbaI (Fast digest, Fermentas)
16 μL plasmid DNA
Restriction samples were put to an 1% (1xTBE) agarose gel after ~30 min.