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Checking transformants after ON incubation

  • Positive controls full
  • Negative controls (including self closers) empty
  • Everything else empty
    • After letting plates in incubator the whole day some colonies seemed to appear, probably not much good?

Probably the ligase (buffer) has gone bad, new was fetched and buffer was aliquoted to minimize thawing



  • Plated out MBP transformants
    • 100 μL on LB+Amp (120 μg/mL) plate
    • and quick spin, resuspending pellet in 100 100 μL and putting 100 μL on LB+Amp (120 μg/mL) plate
  • New pSB1AC3-H and pSB3K3-H plasmids were put to culture (2x 3 mL) from positive control plates