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Experimental section for solution effects of refolding buffer:

  • To determine the effect of the mole ratio of Au/BSA on AuNP synthesis.


Effect of Au/BSA Ratio

  1. Make solutions with the following Au/BSA mole ratios using 0.1 mL HAuCl4:
    • 90 Au/BSA
    • 110 Au/BSA
    • 130 Au/BSA
    • 150 Au/BSA
  2. Dilute to 1 mL with water.
  3. Place in oven at 80°C.
  4. Leave solutions in oven for 3.5 hr.

Effect of Tris Buffer on Protein Fibers

  1. Centrifuge AuNP fibers + 50 mM tris solution made on 02/15/12.
  2. Take UV-vis absorption data.
  3. Compare data to that obtained on 02/15/12, 02/21/12, and 02/28/12.


The following graph shows the data obtained over the past 3 weeks for the effect of tris on a fiber solution over time.

Fibers + tris week 3.png

Week 3 zoom.png


After working on the BSA calibration curve last week, we noticed that this data collected weekly has begun to show the BSA peak around 280 nm.